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per person                     
€ 60.00 € 55.00
€ 75.00**
- 6 years   not allowed

We offer a broad selection of fishing equipment at a reasonable price. You can provide yourself at the registration office the day of the fishing trip before the embarkment. If you should need something at sea, you can buy it on board (selective range).

Purchase on-line tickets

Through our website you can also buy tickets online at reduced rate (up to 1 day before departure). This helps you create the booking, after which you have to pay on a valid bank or credit card. Please note: these tickets are 100% pre-paid and non-refundable. In bad weather conditions (and cancelling a trip) your tickets are valid for a similar trip of your choice according to availability and no refunds are provided. If you only can go on one given day, then you better post the tickets at regular price through our reservation office, where a refund is possible in case of cancellation of a trip by the captain in bad weather conditions

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