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Do I need any experience?

No. Angling at sea is very easy and pleasant. Especially during summer season, when catches of 50 mackerel or more are not exceptional. The very experienced crew is at the clients’ disposal to advise and assist them.

Do I have to bring fishing equipment?

U can bring your own equipment. In case you should need something, you can buy it on the spot. We provide all the necessary equipment (rent of fishing rods and sale of fishing equipment) to angle at sea (see tariffs).

Can I take the caught fish home?

Of course. From mid June till mid October mainly mackerel, garfish and gurnard is caught, from mid October to mid June cod fish, whiting, flatfish, pout... The best way to take your fresh fish home is in an icebox. At home you can easily fill some plastic bottles with water (9/10ths) and freeze them. They will keep your fish cool until you are back home.

How do I dress?

You’d best wear comfortable and warm clothes, such as old jeans, a T-shirt, a sweater, a windbreaker and sports shoes or boots, depending on the season. Do not forget your sun cream during spring and summer! The reflection of the sun on the water is responsible for painful sunburns each spring!

Can I buy food and drinks on board?

There is no food on board, you will have to take your own lunchpacket. Cold drinks are available on board (2 EUR). On demand we offer for groups fully arranged lunchpacks.

How can I prevent seasickness?

To prevent seasickness we suggest you not to take a heavy meal the night before your trip at sea and restrict the consumption of alcohol. Have a easily digestible breakfast.  It is not advisable to set sail on an empty stomach. If you are prone to seasickness, you can take a tablet (Paranausine, Vagomine) 30 minutes before departure. Tablets are available without prescription at the pharmacist’s. Do not worry if you haven’t brought any tablets, the captain will give you one.

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