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If you do not have any fishing equipment yourself, you can always rent a fishing rod from us complete with a spinning reel and fishing line on the day that you have planned to go fishing. In addition, you will need to purchase a selection of fishing tackle (i.e. a hook set, lead weight, link swivels, (artificial) bait etcetera) depending on the season and type of catch. This will amount to € 17,00/pp.

Should you already possess a fishing rod and/or other accessories, feel free to bring them along during the trip. If, however, you do happen to be missing something, you can always buy it on the spot or rent it without any obligation. In any case, if you were to be missing or lose a piece of equipment during the fishing trip, we always carry a limited supply of equipment on board the vessel.

Fishing equipment prices :

-  Renting a fishing rod complete with a spinning reel, fishing line, link swivels : € 7,50/day

-  Various hook sets (mackerel flies, casts for flatfish or cod …): € 3,00

-  Sea fishing bait : € 5,00

-  Purchasing a sea fishing rod (Pure Fishing, rod catch 202 30/50 boat) : € 25,00

-  Purchasing a sea spinning reel complete with a fishing line (Mitchell, 667 FG) : € 25,00


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