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General conditions


Article 1: aim of the online booking system

The Franlis shipping company’s online booking system enables you to purchase tickets in advance for one of its excursions. As places for our excursions are limited and depend on the type of vessel, the tickets you have booked are only valid on the chosen date. Tickets can only be purchased for the dates that are still available in our online booking system. Two working days before the excursion, the sales are closed and from then on, bookings can only be made by telephone, but no longer at the special rate. The online booking system can, however, also be used to offer last minute tickets.

Article 2: rates and payment conditions

By means of the online booking system, tickets can be purchased at a special rate (which is cheaper than the rate at the ticket office) which has to be completely paid in advance by credit card, bank card or your online home banking system. The ‘Franlis Shipping Company’ will be mentioned as debtor on the account statement.

Article 3: confirmation of the reservation

After booking your reservation, you will automatically receive a confirmation. As soon as your payment has cleared, you will also receive a payment confirmation, which you will need to print and hand over at the moment of embarkation on the reserved excursion date. If you are unable to present this confirmation, you will be denied access to the vessel.

Article 4: modifications of the reservation

Modifications of a reservation at the customer’s request can only be done by contacting our reservation services (by e-mail or by phone). You will then be charged an administrative fee of 10% of the total sum of the tickets that need to be modified, taking into account a minimum fee of 5.00 Euros. If your reservation needs to be changed as a result of a cancellation by the shipping company (see art. 6 below), this can be done free of charge by contacting our reservation services.

Article 5: refunds / cancellations

Tickets are 100% prepaid and non-refundable. Refunds are not issued. Cancellations are only possible at 100% of the total cost price. 

Article 6: cancellation of voyages by the shipping company

If the vessel is unable to depart – regardless of what the reason might be (breakdown, force majeure, weather conditions) – you will be – if possible – notified in advance by telephone or by e-mail, at the latest the day before the excursion. In order to be able to do so, it is important that we have your correct contact information. Only the captain has the authority to cancel a voyage and reschedule it as a result of weather conditions (high wind velocities, significant wave heights, etc.). Rain will not be regarded as a ground for cancellation. If this were to occur, the Franlis shipping company cannot be held responsible for any form of compensation or otherwise. Should your excursion be cancelled by the shipping company, your tickets will remain valid for a similar voyage – according to availability – to be used within 6 months after the original sailing date. Please contact our reservation services by e‑mail (reservaties@franlis.be) or by phone (059/70.62.94) if this is the case. They will then manually overbook your reservation to another date of your choice. You will then receive a new confirmation, to be presented at the time of embarkation.    

Article 7: modifications of an excursion and early returns

Once the vessel has departed, the agreement will be considered as having been fulfilled, even when the ship needs to return early in case of weather conditions, breakdown or force majeure. The captain also has the liberty to change the duration and route, e.g. in the interest of the passengers’ safety. No refunds or compensation for damages will be issued. 

Article 8: no-shows (absences) and late arrivals

If the owner of the reserved ticket does not show up (regardless of the reason) at the designated time of registration and fixed place of embarkation (cfr. your confirmation), he will be regarded as a no-show (absent passenger) and the registration and embarkation procedures will be closed. Please bear in mind that the embarkation ends 30 minutes before the time of departure. Passengers who register too late may be denied access to the ship. In this case, no refunds will be issued. The Franlis shipping company disposes of several embarkation quays in the ports of Ostend and Zeebrugge. There will also be additional temporary embarkation quays located in other ports. Please make sure that you do not forget the registration deadline and place of embarkation!

Article 9: personal data

In case of certain voyages (e.g. the “north sea cruise” half-day tours to the Thorntonbank wind farm, but also the “sea fishing” day tours), the Belgian territorial waters will be left. As this falls within the jurisdiction of several authorities (e.g. coast guard, customs, insurances…), we are required to have the personal data of all passengers (name/surname/date of birth/place of birth). This information needs to be completely filled out at the time of booking, so keep this handy when you make the reservation. Your personal data needs to correspond to the information listed on your ID card. On request, these lists can be submitted to the authorities. In case of short trips (sea excursions, harbour tours…) and excursions on the inland waters, you will not need to fill out your personal data at the time of reservation.   

Article 10: passenger responsibilities

  • The passengers’ responsibilities are:
    • Respecting the captain’s authority.
    • Refraining from behaving in a manner that might compromise the safety of the ship and passengers (e.g. swimming without the captain’s permission).
    • Moving about the ship in a calm and orderly manner and clinging on tightly when walking around.
    • Offering any assistance possible in emergency situations.
  • Passengers, who appear to be in a drunken state, can be denied access do the ship by the owner or the captain. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on board also needs to be limited. In no case are passengers allowed to be drunk during the voyage. Every non-medicinal consumption of drugs or narcotics is strictly forbidden. In case of incidents, the competent authorities will be notified and an alcohol and/or drug test will be taken, which might lead to the passenger being removed from the ship at the simple request of the captain or owner. All costs and damages that arise from such a situation will have to be assumed by the passenger. 
  • All passengers need to throw their garbage in the specially installed dustbins on board the vessel. It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage (e.g. cans, bottles or other items) overboard. More information can be found in our environmental policy ISM 336/2006.
  • Passengers that make use of rental equipment during the “sea fishing” activity need to handle it with due care and respect. In case of problems with the onboard material, please contact a member of the crew. During the return from the fishing grounds (after the fishing activity), the rental material (fishing rods with fishing reels and lines) needs to be returned to the crew in good condition. In case of damage or loss, the owner will charge a forfeit of 80 Euros. 
  • During the fishing activities, passengers need to adhere to the minimum legal length of some fish species and the fishing quotas (and possible bans). The minimum size and current quotas (max. number of kilograms per person), are listed in the registration office and on board all vessels.  In case of inspections by the Marine Inspection Services, the passenger will assume complete responsibility for what he has caught. In case of further questions or when in doubt, please contact a member of the crew.
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